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I'm a writer. I live in Portland, Oregon and I'm from South Africa. Things I love the smell of: coffee, chamomile, gasoline, and sun screen. Things I love the taste of: butter, butter, butter, and wine. Things I love to snuggle: cats, thick towels, and my friends when I'm drunk. Secret pleasures: conducting imaginary orchestras as I drive to Wagner or Beethoven, reading the last sentence of every book before I start reading the book, lying on hot concrete right as it starts raining and just breathing in the petrichor. I don't know if I still believe in love, but I think that will just make it all the more exciting if it does finally fall on my head out of the sky. In the meantime, and when I'm not doing all of the aforementioned things, I write. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate. You have been warned.