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Jessica Cambrook, 23 Jul '12

I never stopped thinking about you. Not once. Not even when my darling, loyal wife Susanna found out. I had to break things off for the children, of course, but I kept our letters as a small act of devoted rebellion. There was more passion interwoven in our words than I had experienced in a twenty year marriage to Suzie. She paled in comparison to you. My paintings had more life when you were around. You were my beautiful, fiery muse.

I never found out who you were. Now, I have no one to ask. Oh, John thought I didn't know where he hid those letters. The two things he kept dearest to his heart were stored in his art box, the awful reminders of your affair and his painting tools. All those letters were signed in the same way, "Forever yours". Who were you? Were you prettier than me? Younger? More intelligent? Without my sister Elizabeth's support, I would have crumbled. She held me close as I cried at John's funeral. I just hope that in the afterlife it is me he chooses, not you. He can't have us both there.

How can I deal with your death when there is no one on this Earth I can turn to? You changed me, John. I never stayed with anyone longer than a few weeks before I met you. If you had been single we would have been married within weeks. True soul mates. I never stopped loving you. Even at your funeral, comforting my grieving sister Suzie and missing you secretly, terribly, I wished to be with you again. Forever yours.

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  • Jessica Cambrook said...

    Oh right haha! @Anthony Blackshaw could you pleeeease remove the restriction on this story so I can tell you all about my trip to ASDA and pretend it got all these comments :D Just kidding, I get why you have it there. Could the time limit not be 48 hours as I've found people usually don't comment/like until about 12 or so hours after I've posted a story. Or maybe that's just because I post them at strange times...

    • Posted 9 years ago
  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    @Jessica Cambrook I think that's a good idea, I've got some changes to make over the next few weeks as we move the new library feature to the live site and I'll extend the time period to at least 48 hours at the same time - if you want your welcome to email me a new format for this burst and I'll update it for you :)

    • Posted 9 years ago