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Rich Crombie, 23 Jan '20

I stare at the flow of the little river, watching the cascade of water continuing at a constant speed. I look and watch and take it all in and try to drink in the knowledge it holds and the secrets it possesses.
It offers the potential for understanding. Everything must flow in one constant direction, always moving forward, and never going back. We all have the potential to get lost in the past, to be consumed by what has happened to us. We forget that the only time is the present. Like the river, we cannot move faster than nature allows, so, also like the water, we can not get to where we are going any quicker than is intended. We always seem to be locked into the idea that we need to be looking to the future at all times, forgetting that no matter what we think, no matter what ideas we have, no matter how much planning we can construct, what lays before us is mapped out already. Not in the sense that we have no control, but in the reality that our decisions undertaken in the present will put our feet on the path we are meant to walk on.
As human beings, our curse is that we are dreamers. Our minds possess the ability of hindsight and foresight, which brings with it madness and the idea that we are responsible for our own destiny. But we are only responsible for the decisions that are made in the here and now. And all we have is the here and now.
They say there is no time like the present, when in reality there is no time but the present. The clock has propelled the idea that the past, present and future are three separate entities, but there is only one true time. The now. And if we forget that then we will bring nothing but trouble upon ourselves.
So we must live in the moment, however frightening that may be. We must meet fear head-on and relish the feelings it brings, and feed off its power and use it as it was intended, for positivity.

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