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NT Franklin, 05 Mar '19

                                        The Funeral Home

                                                NT Franklin

        The funeral home room was packed and the overpowering smell of lilies made it even harder to breathe. Their smell always reminded Tyler of death.
        Tyler and Billy stood together and alone in the receiving line. Never without his favorite teddy bear under his arm, Billy held his Daddy’s hand. He was wide eyed at the crowd, but didn’t say a word.
        “I’m so sorry, Tyler, Rebecca was a dear,”
        “Thank you, Mrs. Treble, that means a lot.”
        “Probably for the best that Billy doesn’t understand what’s going on.”
        “Oh, he’s a bright little boy, Mrs. Treble. He’s just very quiet.”
        “I’m sorry for your loss, Tyler. Call me if you need a hand with Billy?”
        “We’ll be fine, Jane, thanks for the offer.”
        Billy looked up and blinked his doe eyes at his daddy crying.
        Tyler and Billy were alone with the casket when calling hours were over. Tyler sat in a chair and wept.
        Billy crawled up in his lap and gave him a hug.
        Tyler could only shrug. Billy climbed down and went to the casket. He climbed up on a chair and lovingly placed his special teddy bear under his mother’s arm.
        Billy returned to Tyler’s lap and hugged him. “It’s going to be okay, Daddy.”