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AE Kendall, 14 Jan '16

The light

In the dank stillness of the tunnels deep beneath the Castillo de Santiago, Michel's eyes struggled to adjust to the inhospitable blackness. Galen had gone ahead of their small group, the Quartermaster leading the first party siege into the
northwest passage. His footsteps echoed hollow in the eerie stillness adding to Michel's nervous angst. He'd been reluctant to accompany them, wishing to remain on the ship, but was not given a choice. They needed every available man to take Panama City. That included him. Unlike the others, he wasn't a seasoned rover. He’d been taken from his own ship in a bloody siege. He had
no loyalty to these men, other than a desire to stay alive.

He didn’t notice when the Quartermaster stopped just paces ahead and lit a lantern. The hiss of the wick as it caught and the sudden blinding light startled him. He lifted a hand instinctively to block his face and ducked his head in alarm to the great amusement of the six seasoned raiders who moved past him.

Silence!" Galen hissed turning back to them, a scowl twisted about his face. By the time Michel fully recovered, the Quartermaster and the others had moved ahead, their footsteps receding down the long passage way. Not wishing to be left behind in the dark, Michel hurried after them.