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soma bose, 01 Oct '15

Another universe
By Soma Bose

Sara broke into cry and I remained speechless,
it was beyond my effort to refrain her from
I promised her to take our mother back alive
from the hospital but doctors declared her dead.
Still I tried to console her, “Don’t cry my dear, God has
taken away her spirit to another world where she will
remain in peace forever.”
“No! I want her here to live with me, take her back,”
she yelled.
Sara was of eight years and I just joined a space research
centre as an intern, our mother left us alone in this world.
My senior research scientist Sir Abraham was present at
the time of my mother’s cremation, he watched my little
sister’s eyes filled with tears, he came nearer us and
whispered to my sister’s ears,”Your mother is alive
in another world, if she looks at you from that world
and see you crying, she will get hurt.”
Most surprisingly, Sara stopped crying and asked Mr.
Abraham with a sorrowful voice,”Can you take me to that
Mr.Abraham remained quiet for a while and answered,
“I can not promise you, nothing is impossible in modern
science, any miracle can happen in this world, so put your
hope in meeting your mother again!”
Sara seemed as she wanted to believe in Abraham’s words
and I did not intervene.
Mr.Abraham is a senior scientist and he is researching in”Multiverse
theory” and “Hubble Volume”, according to this theory, our universe
is not the only one, many universes exist parallel to each other but we
are unable to see them and to reach there.
Sara asked me,”Is it true? Can we meet our mother again? Is there another
“You are too little to understand all, if we have any probability to meet
our mother again I will tell you,” I assured her. But I know according to
Hubble Volume, we can not see them because our cosmic vision is limited
by the speed of light, light started travelling from the moment of big-bang,
fourteen billion years ago. So we can not see anything which is present
beyond or farthen than 14 billion light years, not even any massage can
be sent there or received from there because it is beyond our reach.
Some days later after my mother’s death, Abraham Sir called me in
his laboratory confidentially. As I walked into the room I started to gaze
everywhere in the laboratory, this was my first ever presence there.
“I don’t know what you are looking for but I am just trying to make
your concentration upon my new project,” Abraham said.
I looked stunned when he asked me to gaze up and I discovered
a large humanoid robot in front of me!
“I have devised him, apart from space science, I also
tried with bio-mechanical research and the output is
“I know, you are really astonished with this,” he added more
in a casual voice.
“I know sir, you have mechanized it as because you want to
send him for a special space mission,” I speculated.
“Indeed, you are my true disciple,” Abraham Sir’s face was
cheered with the flash of happiness and satisfaction.
“something is remained to add with it,” he continued,
“I have to input the “Artificial intelligence algorithm”
into his brain to motivate its action. Apparently it
looks like a common humanoid but I have modified it
with a special attachment so that he can reach another
universe at least which is closest one!”
I looked up again to have a notice on it, Mr. Abraham
seemed very determined, he pointed out at the two
edges of the robot’s hands which were attached with
some round rings.
“I have followed another scientist’s principles, when
this humanoid will go up, the rings will emit very powerful
electromagnetic rays, the rays will appear from two
opposite sides and as they will collide with each other
and the humanoid body will spin or rotate so powerfully
that it will make a small whole into our universe, you
may call it as a worm whole alike and the robot will enter
into another universe.”
“But sir, so far I know, according to that scientist’s rule,
this will be the one sided journey, there is mere possibility
to return back.”
“You are absolutely right, that is not only the risk but my
mission also persists with many other risks too, after making
worm whole like situation, my robot may fall into black whole
that means it may loss its everything within the deep dark
existence or it may pass through it to enter into another
milky way but I can not loose hope about its arrival into
another universe.”
“The destination is far reachable from where neither we
can accept any message nor our information be mailed
to that world!”
“There are very few chances to achieve success but science
can cause any miracle,I have stimulated some database inside
the robot’s memory which may help him to recognise your
mother and the message provided by us can be read by your
mother but every possibility exists with some hopes, the robot
should reach the proper universe, proper destination and I expect
this too that there, in another universe, any scientist like me or any
past/future form of myself is present there, any other scientist of
present world may be present there in different time frame- past
or present! We can track the robot sent from this world and can
return it back again to this world from our that existence
universe but this may take many years!”
Forty more years passed, Abraham Sir is no more alive in
this world but he handed me the charge of his research centre.
It remained locked since few years and today I along-with Sara
Opened the lock,what we saw that was unbelievable, we discovered
that humanoid present here, moreover we saw an young woman(my mother)
crossing road along with her two young daughters!

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  • soma bose said...

    Read this story, don't be astonished to discover our past or future form in other universe!

    • Posted 7 years ago