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Daniel Da Costa Nunes, 04 Jun '15


It was a hot and humid night. Tatia could see the shaded black crows flying viciously above her, outside the window of the carriage.
It was the year 1501, on a beautiful Sunday evening. The guests were gracefully entering the castle at seven o'clock, for a grand ball in Transylvania. She was only seventeen.
"Beautiful night, isn't it m'lady?" Mr. Dane asked
"Why yes it is," Tatia said. "It's astonishing."
The carriage stopped, and she made her way out as quickly as she could.
"Please, Tatia. If you must know, your mother was a very good friend of mine."
Mr. Dane laid his hat on his chest in sadness. But when Tatia looked at the moon...she smiled.
"I know. You and my mother were close. But I was not. I only had such a short time to witness my mother's death. I know it has been a long five months, but I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye. But enough of that, let's continue this discussion another time," Tatia caught eye on another carriage. A beautiful woman, dressed in pink, rushed out her carriage and onto the castle's stairs.
"I must be late. The prince won't like me much if my punctuality lost its touch. I need to go."
Tatia rushed towards the stairs. She was so excited to meet the handsome prince. She lifted her golden glistening dress, and ran up. Though her black hair still flowed so swiftly down her back. She felt confident.
Tatia was just behind the pink woman. They huffed and puffed at the top of the stairs, until they heard loud screams.
They heard windows shatter from inside. They were in fear.
"Oh no, m'lady, we have to get out of here," Tatia pleaded the woman. The woman didn't respond to her. She didn't understand the woman's horror in her face.
"What's wrong? We have to run."
Eventually, the woman pointed at the dark forest. Tatia turned back. Now she was in real fear.
"W-w-wi-witch hunters..." the woman stuttered.
They were trapped. It was happening...again. Tatia couldn't escape to her carriage. She saw in the distance that Mr. Dane was already gone. The witch hunters were escaping out of the forest with pitchforks and torches. They were consumed in their own rage. Making their way towards the castle...towards Tatia. Guess there won't be much of a dance with the prince after all.
Tatia and the woman made their way into the castle, closing the entrance behind them. There was nobody in sight inside the hallways. But Tatia knew if she ran onto the dance floor - just further inside the castle - they'll get caught and burnt at the stake for nothing...for being innocent. The problem was, Tatia did practiced magic. But only the kind that could save lives. Only two questons remained; was she the next witch to die? Will she be with her beloved mother once again?

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  • Daniel Da Costa Nunes said...

    Hi, I'm Daniel...a newbie. I wrote this price because I was inspired by a a lot of folklore legends, like vampirism, lycanthropy, and even as far back as the 16th century. I kind of wanted some romance in the story too, but I thought that would set the whole plot off its tracks in a very big way. Maybe in my next piece there will be some romance. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

    • Posted 7 years ago