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Bex Leigh, 18 Feb '14

It was cold as hell so we all bundled up together on the single bench, out bodies touching, our jackets pulled over our ears. Shaking, shaking, we were homeless to everyone else’s eyes. Just some poor kids who got lost somewhere along their way through the aftermath of life’s rain.
        Unnoticeable, like washed up trash on the side of the road.
        Unimportant. Like bad pennies, no one wants us. No one cares. We just turn up, and find our own way.
        Even if someone saw us, they wouldn’t think twice. Not even the bus driver or his passengers when we climbed inside dead on our feet. I paid him with the spare change I found in one of my pockets because I knew Jake wouldn’t be able to use his ability again.

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  • Bex Leigh said...

    Excerpt from my novel.

    • Posted 7 years ago