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Abigail Proctor, 21 Jan '14

His arms ached and his neck had become stiff. Jack wondered how long it had been since they had last been. He still couldnt see, no matter how much he tried to nudge the blindfold from his eyes. Jack stretched his fingers a few times and tried to move his hands round to relieve the pressure, but it wasnt working. He sighed and dropped his head on his chest. He could smell the alcohol from last night. What a mess, he thought. Jack had always been able to talk his way out of any bad situation. But this one was different. The more he talked the worse it got.

Jack moved his head, what was that? Footsteps. They got closer and closer towards his prison cell. His hands went all clammy and sweat dripped from his head. The tension rose inside him, he knew what was coming next. The key turned in the lock and a rush of air surrounded Jack. Two sets of feet walked either side of him and stopped, jack shifted in his seat, he could sense somebody else in the room. Suddenly the blindfold was ripped away, light screamed into his eyes. He blinked furiously to avoid disorientation. What the hell was he doing here? One game of poker at the hotel and then all this. After hours of darkness his eyes struggled to adjust. However his instinct hadnt let him down, he was right, there was another person in the room. The one person in the world Jack least expected to see ever again. Realisation hit Jack that his time on the run was up.

The man stood in front of a badly beaten Jack was Thomas Bennet, Jacks former best friend and ex business partner. They had worked together since leaving high school and had even been best man at each others weddings. It was that last business deal that had ruined it all. Thomas seemed wary from the start but Jack continued to push, investing everything they had into the deal. After months of hard work, sleeples nights and shear persistance the deal fell through and the partners lost everything. Well Thomas lost everything, Jack grabbed what he could and went on the run to sunny California. He lived the high life while Thomas was left with bankrupcy, divorce and almost homeless. Today was payback for Thomas and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. Being stabbed in the back by his so called best friend. Thomas took a step closer to Jack, it was then that he noticed the shiny object. Jack didnt even have time to defend himself. The bar swung into Jacks face, he fell to the floor. His head pounded while the room span out of control in front of him. He tasted blood and broken teeth fell from his mouth. Thomas lifted the bar again, Jack was going to have a lot of explaining to do. If he was even alive at the end of this.

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