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Charlotte Williams, 16 Nov '13

I spend my cold winter nights curled up in a hot single bed with you. You sleep on the left because you say that sleeping next to the wall makes you feel trapped and though I always end up pressed up against the wall, I don't mind because your body is taking my space and to be honest, my space is yours. Your legs get easily entangled with mine and our arms hold the torso of the other tightly as if we could get lost if we were to release. I have never felt so safe. There is nothing better than feeling the gentle outline of your lips against my collarbone as we drift into dreams, though I need no dreams when this is my reality.

There are no words to describe how perfect you are. Literally, you are the cutest, sexiest, most amazing little human. I don't sleep well, I have horrific dreams and I always wake in the earlier hours of the morning reeling and unable to breathe but you pull me in and the feeling of your skin against my skin and my head against your heart soothes me enough to pull me back in and nobody has ever managed this before. It's you. No one holds me the way you do.

But darling, I want every part of my body to serve as a memory of your lips. I want scratches down my back and lovebites on my neck, I want you to bite my lip and bruises shaped like your fingertips. I want jagged whispers in my ears and to feel you quivering legs tighten and lock as you beg me not to stop.