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Charlotte Williams, 12 Nov '13

Here's the thing: I think you're beautiful. I've seen you in every state in the month that I've known you. I've seen you hyper and childish, I've seen you sexy and enticing, I've carried you home from clubs and held you while you cried over your boyfriend. I have not slept alone in over two weeks and I swear I will never sleep again without the feeling of your tiny frame curled up in my arms. I am well and truly captured; too far gone and too accustomed to waking up to your face an inch from mine - or else, snuggled into the crook of my neck. I have held you too many times to have the capability to let this feeling go.

We look at each other like we're about to kiss. All of our flatmates think we're fucking but it's something far more intimate than that. You touch me like you I'm on fire and all you lust for is warmth and I touch you like you're the most precious person I've ever seen and I need to hold you gently lest I break you.

This morning, I woke with your arms around my waist and your lips against the nape of my neck and in a sleepy haze, I locked my fingers in yours and brought your palm north to feel the fluttering of my heart against my chest. You were asleep so I doubt you remember but you kissed my neck and snuggled closer still and never have I felt as content as I did then. Conscious, you're all talk and bravado and banter but in these moments with me you are defenceless and honest and for a short time, you are mine.

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  • Charlotte Williams said...

    just something quickly drafted, nothing of great importance.

    • Posted 6 years ago