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Ushasri Nannapaneni, 11 Nov '13

The life size portrait of the founder of Jan Path party (JPP) stood silent in the library witnessing the events unfolding in his family and the party. His capacity to counter balance the proceedings is trapped in the frame that gripped at his picture turning him into an abandoned mute spectator. He stood frozen smiling in the casing looking at Mahatma Gandhi captured and hung on the wall opposite him.

Nothing in the room changed! The tusser silk curtains were mindful of their business and moved only when mandatory while fighting the breeze forcing itself through the stain glass windows they masked. The worn out French chandelier hung in the centre beheld both the glory and grief of both men arrested in the exquisite room. The centre of the 30 by 40 room is adorned with an oval table imported from Germany. The 12 chairs around it seated many warriors of JPP who struck their pens changing the destiny of India on numerous occasions. There is a smaller round marble table on the right corner with 4 chairs that stood mummified for three decades. The other corner of the room had an L-shaped couch made from black Italian leather that had its own definition of politics - Loyalties bought and sold. Some buy with money and others with friendships and the couch had witnessed several ugly negotiations in its life time. The three walls of the room had colossal book racks that ran up the entire length of the walls with books written by men of wisdom. The men from those books- philosophers, politicians, social workers, industrialists and other ‘important’ people came alive on many occasions to service the two men with their decisions. The only change that chanced is the dust that was restricted from settling in the room along with exotic flowers that filled the vases which changed weekly. Nevertheless, the flowers wouldn’t complain leaving the room as they were losing their sensitivity and undemanding loving hearts to the overpowering hypocrisy that breathes and flourishes in the room.

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  • Ushasri Nannapaneni said...

    Just tried describing some thing differently compared to what I usually do.... Please read and let me know what you think.
    PS. English is not my first language and no I am not using that as an excuse. I am only humbly requesting all you polished writers to bear with novices like me that are just teething and are having troubles trying to keep up with geniuses out there.
    Kind Regards and Thanks in advance.

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Abigail Proctor said...

    I really enjoyed reading this :)
    Well done

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Ushasri Nannapaneni said...

    Aww thanks a lot for the appreciation Abigail. It means a lot for you to say you enjoyed reading the piece.

    • Posted 6 years ago