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Thomas Grayhorse, 27 Oct '13

The coral in Fiji is dying, also other places. Water temperature and chemicals are fine. Staph and other bacteria have greatly declined. There are less infections, but also less skin protection. Gastro-infections were up 20%. Most individuals have stopped paying attention to the television,media,internet.Many sitting comfortably for hours, meditating with eyes open or closed.Hours on end. Space invaders became apparent within 2 days.Then.they were having parties! Food, drink,sweets. Thanking humans. They love bacteria, their fuel. then gone! We had no way to follow or find them. The infections continued. Changes to weather, plants, animals. Artificial bacteria failed. Couldn't clone them. Riots, arguments, chaos. Failed food supply. No willing workers.Governments failing, disintigrating, changing. knowledge by rumors. trade economy only. Hunting pets for food. Perhaps we should go deeper inside, deeper inside. deeper...

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  • Thomas Grayhorse said...

    Not all bacteria is bad. Your guts don't work after major antibiotic therapy.

    • Posted 7 years ago