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Ushasri Nannapaneni, 09 Oct '13

Title: Devil in a White Suit (working on a better title)

Hook: An illustrious journalist plots and schemes to ensure the candidate he chooses and supports wins the next election to be the next PM of India.

Opening Line: Surya Sarkar looked at himself in the full length mirror, brushing his hair and slowly his reflection in the mirror changed to that of an eight year old scared boy, looking for love.

Synopsis of the Novel:

Chanakya Acharya, a 50 year old, illustrious journalist running a well-read national daily, “India News,” plots and schemes to make sure the candidate supported by him becomes next the PM of India.


He strongly believes in his motto – “Give me good leaders and I will give you a good country.” Also, he recognizes the void for good leaders, which he chooses to fill with candidates chosen by him, in the upcoming elections.

The big question in his mind right now is, “Who the right candidate among the three aspiring ones is.”


Two of the candidates (Surya Sarkar and Samarendra Sarkar) are sons of the serving, Central Home Minister, Sadhri Sarkar. Third candidate is Nabhanyu Nayak, son of the media baron Kailash Nayak, who is gaining popularity in the political circles with his fearless and cut throat attitude.

Acharya also knows the fact, if his choice is not Surya Sarkar, (elder son), Sadhri Sarkar will destroy any person that comes in her way of making Surya the PM. Furthermore, she also believes Samarendra to be unfit for politics. What are Chanakya Acharya’s thoughts on Samarendra?

Who is his choice? Will he choose the one with best candidature? If not, what is his rationale?

How will he accomplish his mission? Will he work with Sadhri or against her? Will he play it fair? Who are the pawns? Who wins? Who loses? Whose dreams would be shattered for ever?

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  • Ushasri Nannapaneni said...

    @ All - I know that a synopsis is supposed to be much shorter. Don’t know where or how to shorten it. Any help in that regard will be greatly appreciated. I am still working on it so please rip it apart. Looking forward to your feedback Thanks.

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Thomas Grayhorse said...

    Hi Ushasri! You asked, so... i would omit 2/3 of the words. Like:"He recognizes the void for good leaders,which he chooses to fill with candidates chosen by him, in the upcoming elections." could be: A void for good leaders, but he wants control of who it will be. And the bottom could be: "Who will he work with, and can he deal with the effects?" thanks, Tom Grayhorse

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Ushasri Nannapaneni said...

    Thomas Grayhorse -Thanks for your feedback. Sorry was traveling and so could not reply right away and thanks once again and will work on it.

    • Posted 7 years ago