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Ushasri Nannapaneni, 05 Oct '13

What is love? Numerous versions exist but, Plato summed it up very well when he said, “The God of love lives in the state of need.” Romantic love is a need too and is a fundamental drive similar to hunger or thirst. However, what constitutes this romantic love is still unclear to researchers around the world.

Is there something called love in this world? If there is, I haven’t experienced it and have felt attracted to many women/men from time to time. Some for their intellect, others for their perseverance and positive attitude, a few for their moral grounding and mental capabilities of enduring pain, being rock solid support to their families and of course you cannot ignore lust when you encounter an exceptionally beautiful man/woman.

Research says, romantic love is just the result of some hormones such as estrogen and testosterone which increase the levels of Adrenalin, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin in your blood which we call love. And what I derive from all the debates on the subject from behavioural psychologists to anthropologists is this - If love is some chemical reaction in the brain, it is bound to lose its rigour over time similar to a drug addict craving the drug to experience euphoria. Same is the case with love. You need to constantly nurture it by giving it booster doses of love immunizations. Since it is so short lived, men and women constantly are on the lookout for “love.”

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    @All: This is a small portion of a scene for a novella that I am working on.
    Title Ancient Jewels

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