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Alex Houghton, 21 Sep '13

Hurriedly, the man stuffed It into his backpack, hoping no one would notice.

        "That's silly, of course," he thought to himself, "I'm the only one It talks to!"

It was true, sort of. In the hour he'd known It, there was never a moment anyone but himself seemed to take note of the thing.
But It didn't talk. It was more like - he stopped for a second - his Conscience! him advice.

And right now, his Conscience was telling him to do something he'd once imagined to be very dangerous.

He finally managed to get the zipper closed and proceeded to heft the bag over his shoulder. His Conscience made a satisfying hiss in the bag as he did so, and the man smiled.

The bag was heavy, but he walked out onto the boardwalk and brought his legs over the railing. There was but a few yards to go now.

It looked as though the crowd was watching him, but he knew their eyes sought past him, where his target lay.

Gingerly, he stepped over the cracks and peered in. His eyes began to water.
No longer wishing to delay the inevitable, he opened his bag, letting his Conscience fall out into the void, and watched as It engulfed him.

Behind him, there were cheers, for he had kept his promise.

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  • Alex Houghton said...

    So I'd used Story Game's prompt generator to come up with something to write and decided to go with: "Voiceless box mysteriously supports robust Uncle." However, in the 20 or so minutes I spent writing this, I think I ended up much farther from the prompt than I started. I didn't even use the Uncle part... Not that it matters, really!

    Anyways, I hope at least one person gets what is actually happening in the story here. I had fun trying to hide it!

    • Posted 7 years ago