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Ross Tarran, 11 Sep '13

James looks down. His clothes are quickly becoming soaked with the warm, dark fluid bubbling from a region of intense pain in his abdomen. His strength seems to be leaving him at the same rate as that precious resource.

James looks up. A man still stands before him, a twisted mixture of fear and desperation on his face. He looks close to tears. In his hands a weapon, its end sharp, dark and wet.

James struggles to catch his breath, before nearly being overwhelmed by a sudden hot flood into the back of his throat, a bitter signal of the inevitable rushing up to steal the meaning of all things.

As the world turns grey, James can only focus on a single thought: how desperately he wants to live.

The man has gone.

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  • Ross Tarran said...

    It's been quite some time so I thought I'd put something new together for Burrst. Not exactly helping to lighten the tone on here I know; maybe the next one will be about joyful things! Any thoughts welcome...

    • Posted 9 years ago