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Charlotte Williams, 21 Aug '13

I want to be the sweet aftertaste
that lingers on your lips
after every glorious, loving sip,
Poisonous and forbidden
but my skin is electric.

I want to make an addict out of
you and your sober mind
which must ache for clarity sometimes,
Get you high on your desire
and blur every painted line.

I want to be your first coffee sip,
when you raise from slumber
you will yearn for me to grace your lips,
to start the cogs spurring
in your head under my grip.

I want to be the very last line
in your favourite novel
that leaves you both hungry and satisfied,
you’re left with curious eyes,
wanting to relive it all

I want so much to be the lone tear
that caresses your face,
to be the vessel sadness departs in
to be always available
in joy and in sorrow.

Instead I am the hangover.

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  • Orlando Ramos said...

    Nice, beautifully sorrowful poem here, especially that last line that brings it all together

    • Posted 6 years ago
  • Ross Tarran said...

    Excellent - the last line is perfectly jarring and abrupt after the sensuous, evocative lines that come before. You write this sort of thing so well, with great metaphors for love and desire.

    • Posted 6 years ago