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Orlando Ramos, 29 Jul '13

It's mesmerizing how her words enrapture me, pouring into my heart with all the sweetness of a gently running river. The world ceases to exist when she speaks, and I am nothing until she does. I have watched her from afar, I have loved her from the same distance, and today is the day I traverse the nonexistence of this world to lay myself bare before her. We have danced to her song before, and though her memory has faded as surely as a song fades to silence, my own mind is alive with the thundering chorus of clarity. Each time I have approached her, I was not worthy to lick her boots, and so I was cast aside until the next cycle of life thrust me back into existence. Now, however, things are different. Now, I have come to her with purpose. She will be mine, as I have always been hers, because the heavens have commanded it to be so.
And once she has relinquished her heart to me, I will kill her. For I have died many times to give birth to the universe, and each time I have given myself, it has withered and died, robbing me of the peace I can only know in death. I am tainted, I know this now. But her purity can end it all, and begin it anew. Her light can spread to everything that is and ever shall be.
She can make life burn forever.
I am only fit to let it die.

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