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Erin Gilstrap, 11 Jul '13

I can't tell if you mean it when you say it.
I'm not sure if I even want to know.
People say we can't know.
But what about the high-school sweethearts?
What about the "deaths do us part?"
What about the year long bonds?

What about what I'm willing to give you?...
Is that not enough to prove?
Or do I have to die first?
Choose fight over flight first?
Choose you over everyone I know in a blink of an eye?

What can I do to prove them wrong first?
More importantly, what can you do?
What I'd do has nothing to do with you.
What I do doesn't mean you love me,
Doesn't mean you ever will.

Because you could still say it,
Still never mean it, still play with my mind,
Whilst still living, still breathing,
When I'd take my last breath for you.

And what if you don't mean it?
What if you don't, but you just think you do?

What if you do, and you'll just never know it?
What if you do, and my doubts are just silly?
How will I know, and what can you do..

To prove.

To prove that you love me in more than one way,
That we beat all the stereotypes, went through the days,
Certain of love, and in love with each other,
Happily safe, caring for one another.

But I do not know, and I can not say,
All of this to you.. Because I am afraid.

Afraid that you don't love me. you say you do.

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  • Orlando Ramos said...

    Very riveting, and very relateable too, makes me want the girl in this poem to open her heart to this person, even if it hurts. Thanks for putting this up

    • Posted 7 years ago