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Emma Cowell, 18 Jun '13

The cars humming was music to me, it's soft, comforting tones sighing as they filled the atmosphere in our little bubble. My parents speaking whispered in low tones, muted from the front seats as I ran my thumb along his.

The sky beyond the darkening road was magic. It was fire spilling out into a soft pink field, its vibrant colours speaking of growing passions while the pastel clouds hushed it with tenderness. It reflected in my eyes, and in my soul.

As I turned to face him, with his little smile that made my heart beat faster, and I saw him appraising the very same sky as it cast the tress guiding us into silhouette, I felt, for now, optimistic. Here was something that I had always wanted, a moment. Nothing more. And in that kiss, whether he felt it I'm not sure, that moment was made.

As we separated, our noses inches from each other, our faces glowing like embers, and his smile making my heart beat faster, I thanked the universe for granting me this moment.

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