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Audrey Semprun, 08 May '13

Epic Fail: A Walk With Duke

What can I say? Rufus is gone and we've got this cute, not so little, puppy. His name is Duke. I call him Duker. He's a Dufus. Rufus was a Dufus too, but a different kind of dumb-koff. This puppy takes the cake.

He's got so many mannerisms like Rufus had, only on steroids! Rufus would nudge up against me. It was his way of telling me that he would really like a hug. Duke, that dog takes it into another whole dimension. He tries really hard not to, but more often than not he'll stretch himself full length and put his paws right up on my body! After I discourage that kind of behavior he'll go ahead and dance around just begging to be petted. But if I pet him then I'd better watch out because he'll take both paws and wrap them around my arm. How can I not just go ahead and hug him? But then when I do, well, that prompts more unwelcome body contact! Such a lover!

Except when it comes to other dogs! Then that sweet, over-sized mass of affection turns into this beast! I've never had such an obviously Alpha Male dog before! He is ready for a fight!

So, anyway, that takes us on this walk.

Here I was, braving the beast! I wrapped his lead around my wrist and away we went. I kept the lead tight and corrected Duke every other step to slow down. I guess a good, "Heel" would have been in order, but one of us ain't that bright, and I'm not saying which.

So we make it about three houses down the quiet back road that butts up to the back side of my property. And here's this dog that is behind his fence. Well, he was challenging Duke, and Duke would have none of it! And he was about to pull my arm right out of the socket! I had no choice but to retreat. Duke would have to settle with wandering around our property with me. He's pretty good when he's out of his dog run, so long as I'm constantly supervising him and directing him not to wander off...

I've got our destination home in my sights and I see this old man coming up the street. He has a walking stick, but no obvious limp. Duke sees the man too. The closer we come to intersecting, the more alert my puppy gets. When the man is almost parallel, the dog takes a lunge. Oh, my stars! It's a good thing that I had a hefty grip on his lead!

The old man jumps out of harm's way. (Not that the dog could actually reach him, but I sure didn't blame him!)

"Still working on his social skills." I tell the old man as I turn back onto my own private property. First things first, though. Have to teach the dog to come in out of the rain. He's got shelter under a deck that's all closed in and warm, but he chooses to lie outside of it and catch the rain in his mouth while he lounges in the mud. Pretty dumb dog, but gotta love him. Good thing for him that we’ve got an extra-large dog crate in our bedroom, upstairs, out of the rain, and we’re not afraid to use it, muddy feet and all! Lucky Dog!