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David Taylor, 31 Mar '13

“A dragon,” Slip shouted, accidentally releasing a long stream of bubbles in her excitement.

“Where?” a fish from behind her demanded, drawing up alongside her in an instant.

“There,” she said incredulously. “Don’t you see it?”

The fish beside her squinted and stared around for a few moments, before shuddering with excitement. “Yes! I see it!”

“Well, who’d have thought it?” Slip asked, awestruck as she continued to watch the dragon. Although the mighty beast was a fair way off through the lake, Slip could see its body swaying from side-to-side quite clearly as it carved a path through the crystal water. Its scales, which were a brilliant sapphire, shone brightly through the lake, scattering the sunlight from the Waterless Above into myriad bright hues, and Slip could see its clawed limbs pressed tightly against its body.

“Look,” another fish shouted suddenly, drawn to their side by all the commotion. “A human rides on its back!”

Cursing herself for not having already noticed it, Slip looked. There was indeed a human riding on the back on the dragon. The human, which was from a race that ordinarily seemed enormous to Slip on the rare occasion she saw one swimming, looked tiny in comparison to the dragon’s svelte length and clutched its neck tightly from what appeared to be a brown seat at the base of its neck. “Unbelievable!” she muttered.

“I know!” yet another fish responded. “And to think I was gonna explore the Sways today! I’d never have forgiven myself if I’d missed seeing a dragon!”

Slip nodded in agreement, floating motionless in the water alongside most of her shoal as she watched the majestic beast. After what seemed like a lifetime of swimming, the dragon suddenly angled upwards. Within just a few strokes of its glittering tail, it had broken through the surface of the water; vanishing as suddenly as it had appeared.

“A dragon,” Slip muttered to herself as she hurriedly checked to see if any pike were nearby. “Who’d have thought I’d live to see a dragon!”

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  • David Taylor said...

    I really enjoyed your story about the little girl wanting a dragon for Christmas, @Anthony Blackshaw, and it set my mind racing to write a dragon story of my own!

    • Posted 10 years ago
  • Orlando Ramos said...

    This was pretty interesting, I really like your description of the dragon. It painted a very vivid image of the dragon for me. There were a couple of times where you missed the word "see" and I wasn't sure if that was deliberate or not. Also, I almost thought the fish would get eaten by the dragon. That it was being ridden by a human was a nice twist. Good job.

    • Posted 10 years ago
  • David Taylor said...

    Thanks @Orlando Ramos, I'm glad you liked it! I thought about making the dragon eat the fish as well actually, but I went off the idea as I wrote the story; though I don't really know why. And I appreciate you pointing out those missing sees, which was completely accidental! So thanks! It's so weird that a couple of them managed to slip through my editing unnoticed though...

    • Posted 10 years ago
  • Shirley Golden said...

    I enjoyed this - quirky and inventive! Really like the idea of the 'Waterless Above', and I'm pleased the fish didn't get eaten :)

    • Posted 10 years ago