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Ash Shields, 03 Jul '12

        The man panted as he ran, eyes focussed on a single point at the end of the street. It may have been the lamppost, it may have been the door to the apartment at the end. He may have been looking beyond those things, to some indiscernible point in the distance. One thing was for certain - he didn't look back, no matter what.
        They followed him relentlessly, as animals hunt their prey. There was something about them, however, that you would notice if you were to get in close. Something in their eyes, perhaps, that animals, with all their raw instinct, did not have. Or perhaps it was the way they ran; determined, certain of what they were doing, almost organised, perhaps even working as one entity. Organised, but frenzied. A close observer would see flecks of saliva flying from their mouths, tinted red from their cheeks and gums, rubbed raw by a lack of control in their jaws. Every so often, one would have chunks of flesh flaking away from their bodies, rotting from the infection.
        But anyone with any modicum of wisdom would not get close enough to these folk to witness these curiosities - rather, one would take glances over one's shoulder as one runs away.
        The man reached the end of the road and turned the corner, pausing only very briefly to finalise his decision. A second lost was a step towards a loss of life. He ducked into a narrow alley a few metres from the corner and made his way to the end, barreling his way up a flight of fire escape stairs. The vast majority of the pack noticed his sly would-be-escape and followed in pursuit, but those who did not retain as much of their intelligence as they perhaps could have continued on down the street, chasing a prey that was no longer there.
        The man reached the roof of the building he had chosen to scale in that split second, and frantically searched for his next step. In a matter of seconds, the horde would swarm onto the roof. It would be merely seconds before they would overwhelm him, with their frenzied attacks with mouth and hands and apparent superhuman strength, and he would be lost. There were people depending on him. If he did not return with the contents of the pack he carried, they, too, would be lost within days.
        The gap between this roof and the next was a mere few metres, but nevertheless, it looked to be a mile wide. He swallowed his fear and took a single step back before a snarl, frighteningly close, reminded him he did not have time to be afraid. He ran, closed his eyes, and jumped. Almost instantly, he was greeted with the jarring thud of his feet meeting tarmac. He fell to his knees for a brief moment before picking himself up and turning. His eyes locked onto one of them, on the roof opposite, as it mistakenly thought it could make the jump. It fell to the ground, several stories below, and the man turned and continued on his journey.

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  • Ash Shields said...

    A potential new chapter in an ongoing story published at

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    Hey @Ash Shields, liked the burst and thanks for understanding about the bug on the link, I've fixed it now.

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Ross Tarran said...

    Good stuff, always like a zombie story. If you have a PC capable of playing games you should investigate DayZ - - if you haven't already - a very scary, real environment and tense atmosphere!

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Jamie Thomas said...

    This is really great. Zombies are difficult to write about, but you do it really well, I enjoyed it a lot.

    • Posted 8 years ago