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Mary Beth W., 08 Mar '13

        “Unknown Name, Unknown Number.”

        This is what the caller ID on the small screen of my phone reads. I let it ring and ring, telling myself that it’s probably just another annoying telemarketer; that what he or she wants to sell me is not something I will want or need.

        But the phone keeps on ringing.

        And I start to wonder.

        I remember times, not so long ago times, when there was this girl. Her name was Tess.

        There wasn’t so much that I knew about Tess; she was chubby and she stank and wasn’t well-liked at all.

        She and I were outcasts. And then, one day (I’m not too sure when, or exactly how) we became outcasts together, this Tess girl and I.

        She was loud and mean and I’m pretty sure she smoked, even though we were several years under the limit and it would have been illegal.

        But, then again, I had always been the good child. The dark, deep, mysterious, good child. It was not a dark, deep, or mysterious mix, no matter what I told myself.

        Towards the end, I remember getting tired of this Tess girl. As we moved from third grade into fourth, and fourth grade into fifth, I remember almost resenting her at times.

        Just as we had moved from grade to grade, I was moving, too. I was growing up. I was starting to see this Tess girl for who she really was.

        And then Tess moved away.

        And I have never seen her since.

        And, looking down at the screen of my phone, I dare to remember the time I had given her my number, and she had called me. When she called me, the caller ID had read the same thing; Unknown Name, Unknown Number.

        Could it be her? It’s my unanswered question.

        The person who Tess knows and the person I am now are two very different people.

        I switch off the phone and shove it back into my purse.

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  • Mary Beth W. said...

    Oh Tess. I will always wonder if it is really you calling me, but I don't think I will ever have the guts to pick the phone up.

    • Posted 7 years ago