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Kay C., 24 Feb '13

It is one of the most baffling and mysterious things you will ever encounter, if you do. A feeling, a fleeting realisation, or even a part of your everyday life, for some.

You can't see it, can't hear it, can't taste it. You simply know it; you grow to learn, to understand. Sometimes, the epiphany occurs overnight, or in the blink of an eye. Maybe in the slow-turning years as truth makes itself known where you were blinded before.

Some people go their entire lives without discovering this elusive thing. Some fall into its sweet trap like an escape constantly, because it's all they know, wanting more each time and never having enough. Some scoff at it, because they've known its embrace, and they've felt the fire, the strong pull of its gravitation –– maybe they fear, deep inside. Others lament its absence, wondering what it's like, but can you miss or yearn for something you've never really had?

It doesn't belong to anyone, not exclusively. Others would argue it belongs to everyone. That everyone should have a little of it.

You see it in the smallest moments. Shadows, or glimpses. You might even see it in its glory, in places where there is an abundance of it. But one cannot deny that sometimes, it is everywhere.

Look –– for just a second.

The way he looks at her, like she's the only thing that matters in his life.

The old couple that fall asleep together on the train, bumping heads and hands intertwining.

A pretty young couple standing up in a restaurant, a short red-headed girl and another taller woman, shouting at each other through the tears as their passion overwhelms them, but the tension and way they are drawn to each other still through the argument is inevitable.

A mother who caresses her sleeping child's face with the back of her knuckles, pushing the soft locks back.

Two very different men who probably look like they wouldn't be caught dead in the same social circle laughing with each other under the summer sun, because their friendship is older than so many of their things combined.

A Labrador who bounds over to his owner, who reaches out to him with arms outstretched and gets knocked over into the grass, giggling as she pulls her dog close and kisses her all over his expressive face, running her hands through his fur.

It's everywhere. If you know where to look for it. Sometimes, things seem so harsh and gray, but it exists in the world; said world becomes a better place for it when it's intertwined so intimately with all the threads of people and passions and work in our lives.

If you feel sad, or lonely, remember that you do have those who would gladly share it with you. Who would take you into their arms and spend the day away beside you, if you ask. A smile can be hard to plaster on your face during the hardest of times, but clouds too will pass on, leaving blue sky and sunshine in your life.

It's there, too, for you.