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Abigail Proctor, 23 Feb '13

Jamie crouched down beside the Foden clutching his rifle. He had to be careful because this was a dangerous place. He scanned the desert several times before reaching for his walkie talkie. He squeezed the button twice signalling to his commander behind him that the terrain was clear. He waited a few more seconds then Jamie received two buzzes back. This meant he could move forward. He stood up and jumped back in the truck.

The driver of the truck was Corporal Nickolas Harrison. Jamie and Nickolas, or Nicko as everyone called him, nodded at each other. Nicko pushed the gear stick sideways and rolled the truck forward.

“Not long now kiddo and we will be back in camp safe and sound.” Nicko called over to Jamie in his heavy Australian accent. Jamie laughed and jabbed Nicko in the arm. The Foden picked up speed and bounced along the gravely sand.

Jamie rubbed his tired eyes and held on tightly to the metal handrail. It was a rough ride but he was starting to get used to it. Nicko had completed many tours of Afghanistan but for Jamie this was his first. Nicko’s experience put Jamie at ease. He picked things up quickly and understood how important it was to check weapons and kit. Nicko was a good teacher and Jamie saw him as an older brother. They both knew that they had each other back’s if things got tough. But what they didn’t know was just how bad things were going to get. They would both be pushed way past their limits, almost to breaking point and the only thing that would get Jamie and Nicko through it all was their unbreakable friendship.