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Charlotte Buchanan, 21 Feb '13

"I don't believe this. I really don't. I can't take it in. It's just completely fucking unfeeling, no consideration for other people. It's all ruined. It was so important and now it's just ridiculous and ruined. It'll come back to him - there's comfort in that, I suppose. There'll be something really important in his life and someone else will completely fuck it up, just through not switching his fucking brain on. Then he'll be really hurt too and he deserves it and I'll be glad. I mean, it wasn't too much to ask, was it? Just one simple thing; try - try - not to do it and everything'll be perfect. Do it, you unfeeling bastard, and the whole day's fucked."

My hands twitch and the muscles feel stronger. I could fucking strangle him.

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  • Charlotte Buchanan said...

    My partner and I turned on the telly a couple of nights ago and caught the end of a documentary. A Scandanavian man was sounding off with subtitles and we could not for the life of us work out what he was so incensed about. I liked the purity of the anger. Just anger, existing (apparently) all on its own. I had a little go at writing "just anger" myself, just to see if I could. Here's the result.

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Susie Shircliff said...

    You def got the feeling in this piece. Strong and forceful.

    • Posted 7 years ago