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Orlando Ramos, 14 Feb '13

The Lost Tapes

        I have no weapons, just a stick that's been sharpened to as razor an edge as a piece of wood can be. Deadly... and utterly useless. The thing that stalks me now is a figment of imagination, an apparition of myth and legend that has no place in this world of airplanes and cellphones. Yet, my burnt leg attests to the very real nature of this monster. With the golden moon overhead as the only source of light, I limp along slowly, wincing with every step in this sea of green that swallowed me up the moment I stepped into its leafy depths. The villagers nearby warned me against this place, but my fate was sealed before I ever left my own country, so fascinated was I with adventure. What a fool I -
        Wait. To my left, beyond the trees and yet from them... the sound of thunder rolling softly as if attempting to make of itself a lulling melody. Knowledge of the end roots me to the ground as surely as the sky reaching giants around me. With widened eyes I peer into the jade, wondering if it'll come by searing fire, or by the cuts of a thousand ivory knives.
        Instead, the tremors of little quakes unsettle me, shaking the very earth ever powerfully with each stomp. As suddenly as they begin, three tremors later they cease, and a puff of hot air washes over me, rancid and smoky. I almost cough, but it catches in my throat as my eyes are suddenly entranced by two blood red gems that appear from the gloom. They're evil, those orbs, with a darkness in each center so intense my brow washes cold in beaded sweat. With amused certainty those eyes tell me that there will be no glory in my death, only agony.
        The grip on my stick tightens in an attempt to steady my shaking body, but I don't think anything will calm me now. Come then, dra-
        Above where the eyes were, a rustling, as if the leaves were shaking in a nonexistent wind, as if the leaves were made of leather. Such a peculiar, strangely beautiful sound in this deathly silence, but I don't get to dwell on it.
        Sudden heat blazes at my back, eliciting from me a gasp that doesn't quite have time to become a scream. Perspiration soaks my entire body as everything around me brightens up with red and orange light. Blinding, hot, blistering. Oh God, I'm gonna roast alive, I'm gonna -
        No! I have to keep moving, even if... I have to go. And yet, there is nowhere to go but right. It's herding me, I realize. To where, who knows. Movement to either side of me has my head turning frantically, wanting to see it, to stare my end in its scaly, ancient face. There, a shadow in front of me is -
        No, through the trees on my left, it's following -
        Above me now, the flapping of -
        The taste of dirt, like coffee mix, filling my senses. My stick now gone, I turn my head to see what I've tripped over. A piece of someone's arm, alternating between red and orange. No, no no...
        Barely on my knees, the deafening roar of a thousand lions and eagles crashes into my ears, reverberating through my entire being with the essence of the purely divine. Horrible. Unnatural. Blissful.
        Instinct or command draws my eyes skyward, where the golden moon casts its sad gaze down on the land. That forlorn stare is blotted out, however, by two blood red moons with black centers, and their gaze is that of sheer hunger. My ears are still dysfunctional from the thunderous cry moments before, but I think I hear the rustle of leathery leaves surrounding the two ravenous moons.
        It doesn't matter, though, for these two moons, like the one they eclipsed before, disappear, and in the new, depthless darkness a thousand points of shimmering, sharpened ivory rain down upon me. Treasure for all my foolish struggles.

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  • Orlando Ramos said...

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on here! Wonder how you guys will like it and hope to read some great work. This one's a little weird, but maybe you'll like it. Feel free to critique it!

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • David Taylor said...

    Hi @Orlando Ramos! I really enjoyed reading this and thought that you built tension very well throughout the story. Your use of cutting sentences short was a very interesting and effective technique and really helped to show the fear and tension of the protagonist.

    I particularly liked the line: "where the golden moon casts its sad gaze down on the land". I don't know why, but this really resonated with me and created a great image in my mind of a bleak and desolate landscape where its inhabitants live in constant fear of the dragon.

    Well done and I hope to read more like this :)

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Chris Redfern said...

    @Orlando Ramos - I like it! Nicely descriptive. I look forward to reading your others.

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Orlando Ramos said...

    @Chris Redfern thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now that I see this, I just realized I have two dragon stories here lol but the second one isn't all that great.

    • Posted 7 years ago