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Meredith Linden, 08 Feb '13

Whatever you want. That's the issue. Little things and bigger things kept pointing her in the direction of satisfying her own desire, if only she could determine what that might be. She wasn't used to it, first having to prove herself at work, then raising teenagers and maintaining an intimate relationship with her wife (whom she wanted but felt there was no reciprocal desire). She was barely surviving, and in survival, there was little room for desire.

She walked over to the hotdog stand figuring this was a no-brainer. She stared at the vendor.

"What can I get you?" he asked.
"What do you have?" she whispered, thinking there was the possibility he could satisfy some want inside her.
"I've got long dogs, skinny dogs, fat dogs, dogs with relish, relishing dogs, buns to satisfy the wheat eater, and buns to dabble in."
What??? "Ummm, I'll take a relishing dog." She'd been wanting to relish something for a long time. Hopefully, this would do it.
"There's one requirement to ensure the relishing dog is satisfying."
"what's that?"
"You must wait 20 minutes before you sense it at all, that's touch, smell, see, hear, taste it. OK?"

Heading over to the library with the bag containing the relishing dog, she wanted to peek. Hmmm. Wonder why there's a 20-minute waiting period on a hotdog.
She took the elevator and found she needed to pull a book out of her bag to smell so she avoided smelling the relishing dog.
Back on her floor, she decided she had definitely found something she could want. The relishing dog begged for wanting. She did not disappoint.

After 20 minutes had passed and she was alone in her office, she peeled the bag open. Her nostrils were accosted by the fumes. When she looked in, all she could see were the napkins. She stuck her hand in. Hunh?

She wasn't sure it was the kind of lunch she was used to but she did recognize her desire. At least that was something.

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  • Ross Tarran said...

    Hear the hotdog? Many questions to be asked about this unusual tale, but perhaps it's better not to! Interesting, if a little confusing...

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Meredith Linden said...

    Thanks for the comment, Ross. I'm not certain it was a hotdog in that bag.

    • Posted 8 years ago