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Rachel Anderson, 31 Jan '13

“I think, therefore I am.”

What if we’re all just ideas? A thought-turned-person, living, breathing, existing… but no more than an idea. We change every day and become something else, something mixed with something else; two ideas fused together, or more. But still, just ideas. What if we are our own ideas? We could recreate ourselves.

And how can we own thoughts? How can we claim to own the ideas that pop into our own heads, as if we were the first to ever think them, the first to ever voice them, when we – in all likelihood – were not? If we are thoughts with lives so complex, then doesn’t it stand to reason that our thoughts have lives of their own as well? To have a thought may be no more than simply crossing paths with the life of another…

And if we are simply ideas, and our ideas have ideas, have ideas, have ideas, how far removed must one be from the other before comingling thought processes are not frowned upon?