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David Bailey, 31 Jan '13

                                                Fight on the sands

        The shadows cast by the spires of the citadel retreated as the sun rose, snaking across the training sands, light glinted off a rapidly moving blade, cutting thrusting and parrying unseen foes, Alex’s blade sliced through the air each move precise, sharp, yet, paradoxically smooth and flowing, sweeping her blade low scalping the sand she followed pivoting on her right foot, then rising like a geyser her left foot sweeping in an high arc dealing a punishing blow to the foe that stood only in her imagination.

A lock of hair escaped its tight binding and whipped across her face, ignoring the distraction Alex finished off the form with a lunge that would have pieced the heart of the downed foe. Flicking the thin blade to remove the worst of the blood Alex returned the blade to her sheath before, stuffing the errant locket back it to its binding and striding back to the centre of the ring.

Turning to face the sun, Alex drew the blade about the length of her arm and struck the first pose of the form of a swift wind, the first few strokes slit the air cleanly, dispatching with a short swipe to the throat Alex span blade held level, until her blade rode the edge of another sword, not pausing for a second Alex flowed the momentum through spring away, ducking low, blade held out to the side, with her head snapped up.

Joshua stood there his black armour drinking in the light, his own sword descending to rest point on the ground standing at roughly half his height and three figures board and straight as an arrow, placing his hands on the top of the pommel Joshua smiled behind his mask. A grin spilt Alex face, her green eyes flashing in a stray glint of light of her blade. "So glad your back, I have missed my training dummy", "I am touched to be held in such high regard" Joshua shot back.

As though at a unseen signal both of them turned sharply and headed to the side of the sands a wooden rack its wood still cool after the night before, placing their steel weapons on the rack both selected similar weapons made of weighted wood, heavy enough to simulate the steel but lacking the cutting edge of the polished metal, the two headed back by unspoken agreement they took the same position, as a few moments ago.

Alex squatting down like a coiled spring, Joshua standing impassively, taking a moment to focuses Alex rose from the ground her blade swinging to strike at the chest of her opponent stepping back Joshua swung his sword up just catching the tip of the blade instead of going through with the rise Alex forced the blade down thrusting the point forward, dodging to the side the tip just nicked the Joshua’s side.

Joshua swung his sword lacking the fineness of the Alex’s move, Alex contemptuously stepped back allowing the sword to pass her with room to spare while readying her next attack, until Joshua shoulder impacted her solar plexus, thrust her in to the air, surprise registering Alex ended up sliding across the sand on her back throwing her blade, Alex contorted her body, with a combination of agility and sheer will power turned the slide in to a back flip catching Joshua a stunning blow to his chin, landing the flip Alex cart-wheeled scooping up her blade she brought it round in a sharp salute keeping the blade raised in front of her face.

Alex counter stalked Joshua who held his sword at arms length, playing his superior reach for all it was worth, "a new move Joshua?" Alex inquired, "not a particular elegant move it is far more effective against those who wear armour” the smirk now evident in Joshua’s voice “I merely wished to see how it faired against some one who favoured speed over strength" "how did I do?" Alex said not dropping her guard for a second, "I think it would have worked against any one else but you are always something special" Joshua brought his sword up in a mirror of Alex’s, "the rabbit and the hound" he suggested, Alex considered for a moment then nodded.

The sun rose ever higher over the two combatants sparing in fixed patterns across the sands drilled by long hours of practice each move and counter move executed with speed, sharp thunks echoing off the steep sides of the arena, mistakes caught and corrected, it was only with the first bell of the day that both parties gave a final salute and coved in the thin sheen of sweat replaced their wooden weapons with ones of steel and headed in to the citadel for breakfast.

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  • David Bailey said...

    Part of the "Playing in the Dark" universe.

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Ross Tarran said...

    Welcome to Burrst @David Bailey! This has some good imagery and shows potential for the "Playing in the Dark" universe. The only suggestion I'd make is that some sentences could be broken up a bit more with full stops, to make them feel more natural for the reader. Reading a paragraph through in your head (or out loud) can help with this.

    • Posted 7 years ago