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Supriya Parulekar, 22 Jan '13

As evening shadows lengthened, Simran switched on the lights in her quaint apartment. From somewhere below she heard the hawkers hawking their wares. A bike screeched to halt in the narrow lane lined by shops on one side and two storeyed buildings on the other.

The darkness from outside slowly seeped in through the curtains spreading its omnious presence in the room reflecting in Simran's grey eyes. She huddled on the couch with bottle of vodka wanting to lose her sanity. The lacy curtains swirled just like thoughts in her head. She glanced at the watch. It was time. Time for the shadows to move.

Simran closed her eyes, the vodka tasting bitter on her tongue. Every night they visited her...tormented her...raped her brain cells...rendering her helpless. Simran prayed for them to stop coming. Then clock struck 9 and she sensed a movement on her left. Simran looked up. He was standing there by the window...staring at her.

'Help me please. I just died. Some freak drove his car through mine. I need to talk to my wife. She just delivered our baby. ..I haven't had a chance to see my baby...please...'
Simran knew this was just the beginning. Soon there will be more of them...crying, pleading, begging, angry, frustrated, helpless.

Something changed in Simran. A look of determination crossed her face. She drank the entire Vodka and threw away the bottle. It crashed on the wall sprinkling the floor with glass shards.

Simran's birth chart had indicated presence of some shadow from the past. Her mother was warned of supernatural presence in her daughter's life. No one had heeded the soothsayers advice.

Simran got up ignoring the cries for help. She did not feel the glass shards neither the pain as they drew blood from her feet. Simran walked to her balcony which opened out on 10th floor. As hands reached out to pull her back...voices carressed her to change her mind but she was beyond everything. Simran jumped. She felt free...light as she floated down. The world spinned crazily around her Simran had closed her eyes...she was dead to the world.

As Simran lay lifeless on the road she watched herself from afar and then walked away...never to return.