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Susie Shircliff, 04 Jan '13

How you bathe when you want to feel rich

        Some days, you just spray your name out like it’s all one sneeze. Like it’s the detritus of your life. Detritus; that word means debris or ‘discarded material.’ I looked it up after finding Junie’s doctors note. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF SPOTTING, IT IS JUST DETRITUS FROM THE PROCEDURE. Junie crumpled up his scrawl and said that doctor didn’t know anything she didn’t already know.
        Junie says to feel like you are a million dollars you got to start with bath. Like a baptism of sort, you got to wash away all your past.
        First you got to get in the mindset. You got to pronounce your name like all the vowels give you privilege, like they are family heirlooms passed down from French monarchs.
        Our names Johnson, but when we want to feel rich, you got it make it sound like Jean-Suh-n. Like that first part is a ‘ge’ like in ‘gem.’
        Once you do that you take a shower and get all your stink off. Everything you can see and smell should slide right off and down the drain. Then once your skin is pink you turn the knob so far left you push it past the red ‘H.’
        Junie says to step under the showerhead and let the water scald your back. She says that’s where all your dirty past likes to hide.
        If you can’t take the scalding, then hop out and wait. The water needs to be so hot that the air in the bathroom is heavy. So heavy that you can’t even light the twisted wicked candles on the toilet top.
        When your naked-self is replaced by some fleshy blob in the mirror, then you can reach for the stopper and let the whole tub fill.
        Turn your head upside down and twirl a towel into a turban around your head. Let your hair get dry while you relax and soak.
        If you got it, put some bath salts, or Mr. Bubbles in the tub. If you don’t, a couple of drops of dish soap works too. Make them bubbles high and thick. So not even you remember where your body is.

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  • Charlotte Buchanan said...

    I have to tell you that I haven't read anything other than the first sentence yet but I think that sentence alone is an absolute masterpiece and I love the image. Now I'm going to scroll up and read the rest. :-)

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Charlotte Buchanan said...

    Bravo! A fabulous celebration of escapism and being the person you want to be/are pretending to be/ whatever. I love the excess and the richness, both of language and details. Very good. Must stop gushing - that's for the taps.

    • Posted 7 years ago