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C.A. Head, 03 Jan '13

I’m on the fence again and things look pretty good on both sides. But life is filled with possibility and why should I have to choose. The man in the big house with the white columns out front has a satellite dish on top. But the house across the alley has a three-car garage and those easy-to-jimmy sliding, glass doors.

I jump the fence and land with a soft thud in a crouched position. I’ve learned to wait after the jump and listen…for ringing alarms, snarling dogs or neighbor’s shouts. In a few minutes, I creep along the fence taking advantage of the bushes—the good kind that don’t snag your clothes. At the end of the bushes is a large tool shed; maybe some easy pickings without the fuss of breaking glass. I jiggle the door knob, it opens. I step inside and pull the door not quite closed behind me. I pause to let my eyes adjust to the natural light and that’s when I hear the voice to my right.

“Have you come for the package?”

Startled, I step back and trip over something. I scramble to my feet again and the voice repeats: “Have you come for the package; I’ve got it all ready. You just tripped over it.”

“What package?” I’ve put my hands in something wet and rub them against my hoodie.

“It took you long enough to get here. I called two hours ago.”

I can make out the silhouette of a man sitting atop a work bench. He doesn’t seem dangerous nor does he think I am, so I decide to just leave.

“Uh, sorry I made a mistake. I was, uh, looking for my ladder. I’m the cable guy and I think I left it here last week.” I move to the door. There is a flash of light and an explosion and something whizzes past my ear.

“Don’t you move another step,” the voice is now extremely dangerous.

Suddenly the room is filled with a garish fluorescent light. The wetness smeared on my sweatshirt is blood. The package at my feet is a large, canvas bag. I’m on the fence again; weighing my options. Death is filled with possibility.

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  • Mary Beth W. said...

    Loved this! I want to know more!!! :)

    • Posted 7 years ago