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Charlotte Williams, 24 Dec '12

Angels fall from heaven when no one is looking
So they parade with their masquerade
like they're not broken,
but you see it in their eyes;
on the scars on their wrists and through their hips and their thighs,
They wanted to feel alive so they got lost in their own insides.

If you wait up late, you will hear it when they sleep,
Demons hold them down between their sheets,
They try to writhe and scream
but they’re paralysed, they just watch,
They did this all to themselves because it felt so right
but it feels bad when the sky fades to black to match their numb minds.

Their great wings are clipped and their backs have been broken,
Their bodies are burnt and edges frayed,
Look at the mess we made,
We gave them the matches, and we
Facilitated the pain; we told them that them that life worked
This way; live like us or go away

So they die in flames to feel pain, to punish themselves
for having this heart,
this brain,
for this skin,
and this name,
because there is this deadness in their eyes,
because there is always a strain in their smile,
because we are already burning
before the flame ignites.