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Luke Stoss, 07 Dec '12

Here, Life is Normal

        There he walked. He walked along the earth. The cars whizzed by. Of course, today was devastating. Nothing more than a usual day, except the one he was with had left him. So there he was, walking down the sidewalk. Was it that bad? Maybe not. Of course, the end to his suffering was only four…steps…away…
        Snap out of it. Everything is fine, he says to himself. Alone in the world and completely free from all. That’s good, right? Now he has time to himself. Spread his wings and fly…four…steps…to the right…
        No. It’s not worth it. You’re young, in a suit, that doesn’t matter but everything’s okay! But is it? What good has come in the last hour? Here you walk, a man among men. No different than any others except by the clothes on your back, and even then you’re not much different. Completely indifferent to the politics, societies, classes, families, groups, and all others. Who would care less if you left and never returned? Nobody. Exactly. You don’t benefit at all. So start taking those four steps to the right…
        No! I am in control. I may be a simple man, but I am a man nonetheless. The fight goes on. I will not throw my life away because of you. Only I control myself. You may be a part of me but I control you, not the other way around.
        What have you to offer? Mortal, lowly, indistinguishable from society. There is nothing left for you to prove. Your dreams, they don’t matter. They are only dreams, and they’ll never come true. You. Are. WORTHLESS.
        You don’t control me heathen! You aren’t even real, just me, talking to myself. Thou hast no influence on thee! O, Ignorance, O, Sweet Bliss. The happiness I used to know, but now I am perturbed and vexed by you! I will not stand for this!
        All the while the cars continue to whiz by – the people watching, waiting, wondering, whispering. What’s wrong with him? What’s he doing? Where did he come from and where is her going? The people walk by, smiling, greeting. He fakes smiles and swallows his sadness. Yet, all the while knowing, that sometime, soon, the emotion will burst out altogether. All our in one split second, and during that brief moment, the world will see. They will see everything: the pain, suffering, sorrow, sadness, all of it.
        But then it’s gone. Gone until the next one comes, whenever that may be. Que sera sera, as they say. Whatever will be, will be. Therefore, he thought of a new motto:
        Nothing Good Ever Happens
        It’s weak, and probably untrue, but it’s his, and he is determined to keep it.
        There he walks. He walks a life without irony. Of mice and men, indistinguishable from all others. Never veering four…steps…to the right…

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  • Luke Stoss said...

    If you are confused about the meaning, just ask.

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Mary Beth W. said...

    Hi, Luke. I liked this a lot...I take it that he is arguing with his depression/sadness and trying to convince himself not to jump out in from of a car, ergo killing himself?

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Luke Stoss said...

    Yes, @Mary Beth W. it is. I'm glad you got that. My english teacher thought it was something about not fitting into the crowd.

    • Posted 7 years ago