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Metta H, 01 Dec '12

Short Story 1st scene rewritten.

Toby leaned against the side of the open doorway to the living room and watched with a bored expression as his sister, Katy turned a quarter circle in her bridal dress.

His mother, Rosemary knelt at Katy's feet with a row of pins clamped between her lips. She glanced up at the clock, then at the hem of the dress. With shaking hand, she plucked one of the pins from her mouth and stabbed it ito the dress.

Toby expected her to explode any minute from her livid expression and wondered why she was making so much fuss over a dress.

They didn't notice him until he asked in a trembling voice and frightened eyes, "Can Henry come to the wedding too?"

Both heads jerked up and turned. Their shocked expressions quickly turned to anger as they glared at him.

Rosemary's face turned scarlet. "No, he can't. Go and comb your hair and don't get your suit dirty. We're leaving in half an hour."

Tears welled in Toby's eyes; his lips quavered. It wasn't fare, he thought. The only time anyone in his family noticed him was when they were angry with him, but they never explained why. Henry was the only one who listed to him. For as long as Toby could remember, Henry was there.

As Rosemary turned back to face the dress, she reached one arm out toward the tin of pins on the coffee table and knocked it to the ground. Pins scattered everywhere. Rosemary's eyes blazed even more with anger as she spat the pins from her mouth and cursed. Secretly, she rued the day she conceived Toby, late in her mid forties when she was in the throes of menopause and thought she'd finished with childbearing.

Katy cast a whithering glare at Toby as she turned a quarter circle once more.

"Turn back. I haven't finished the other side yet," Rosemary snapped.

But Katy's mind was on other things and she didn't hear her mother's words. Toby was a pest. Why did he have to bother them now and today of all days, her wedding day. She didn't want a kid brother. When Rosemary first announced her pregnancy, Katy thought, why did she want to have a baby at her age? Why didn't her father stop it from happening?
Toby sped from the room, not wanting to hear any more or wait for the clip around the ears he epected at any minute. He'd forgotten what Rosemary told him to do as he raced outside to spend more time with Henry before they had to leave.