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Ash Shields, 28 Nov '12

I turned around again, exasperated and confused. I didn't know where to go, but I needed to go somewhere - somewhere safe. I couldn't go get a drink, that was ridiculous. They'd have eyes in all the bars in the area. I was too nervous to drink, anyhow - I'd want to drink until my hands stopped shaking, and then I'd simply continue. The idea of meeting her drunk was not an appealing one. I wasn't sure if I could trust her. There was only one place I considered safe. I would go there.

The place was an old parking lot, not too far from were I was. It was only one floor, a few metres underground, with a nondescript office building above. I set out on the walk there - it wouldn't take too long. Chances are, I'd only spend a few minutes there before turning back, but it was certainly better than nothing.

The walk there was a nervous one. I kept to the streets, but that didn't help the nerves. They weren't afraid of crowds. I was. They could strike anywhere. They had before; I'd heard the stories. They never had happy endings.

It started to rain on the way. Just my luck. At least I would be under shelter soon. I kept looking about, furtively, trying to make sure I wasn't followed. The closer I got to the lot, the quieter the streets got. The lot itself was on a side street, and that was completely empty. As nervous as I was, that was a good thing. Less people to see me entering. I couldn't risk losing it, not now. It was my only chance at being anything close to safe.

The lot was closed off with a sliding metal door. I had managed to obtain a key a while back, just in case. The place wasn't used any more, and there was nothing to it at all. That was what made it safe. It had no appeal, it was off the grid. I pulled up the door, and it raised with a clatter. I had intended on getting that oiled a long while ago, but I had been distracted. The light from outside, though dim, cast raking shadows into the darkness - and there it was, lying on the floor, still safe. I exhaled a breath I didn't know I'd been holding.

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  • Ash Shields said...

    It's been a while, but here's part two of Long Night.

    • Posted 8 years ago