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Abigail Proctor, 21 Nov '12

The sun began to slowly sink behind the hills casting slippery shadows over the water. A blend of pinks, blues and purples made up the evenings sky. The luscious green grass blew in the light, warm breeze. Ripples danced on the waters surface.

Penny took a deep breath, exhaled, then continued to admire the beauty of the lake. She loved this place, it was like her second home. She stretched her arms up then flopped her body down on to the grass, she stared up at the heavens above her.

That’s were he was. That’s were Adam was. He was Penny’s, but now he was gone. He shouldn’t be there, he should still be here, wrapped in Penny’s arms whispering sweet nothings into her ear. However that had all changed. The car accident had changed Penny’s life forever after it had claimed Adam’s life.

This is were they had first met, they had mutual friends and before long they were an item. Days passed into months and months passed into years. Adam would bring Penny to the lake several times every year, he would pack up the car with food and blankets and drive to their favourite getaway. Both Adam and Penny had demanding jobs that required travelling and working away from home, so quality time together was rare but treasured.

Penny closed her eyes and saw Adam in her mind. He was tall with broad shoulders, a strapping young man although gentle at heart. His deep brown eyes would burn into Penny making her body tingle. Adam had a beautiful smile that would light up the room and a gruff voice that matched his physique.

The breeze started to turn cooler. It had got darker and the sun had almost disappeared behind the hill tops. Penny’s dress wasn’t going to keep her warm. It barely even covered her legs. Adam had picked it out in the small boutique, he had bought it as a birthday gift much to Penny’s protests, he had said it made her legs look sexy. Penny pulled the collar around her neck and hugged her knees trying to keep warm. She missed Adam and it hurt so much. She never thought she could feel pain as bad as this. The tears had come and gone but it didn’t ease the hurt. Penny felt empty inside, it was the only feeling she had felt since his death.

She glanced at her watch, another gift from Adam. It was old and scratched but she couldn’t bear to get rid of it. Penny decided it was time for her to leave, she had to get home because tomorrow would be another early start.
She put her pumps back on and pulled the flowery material of the dress down her legs.

The stars sparkled on the dark blue blanket of sky, Penny stood up and stretched out her cramped legs. It was time for her to go. She made her way up the gravel path towards the car. Penny looked over her shoulder at the lake, this was the last time she would ever see it. It was time to leave and it was time for her to move on. Penny was never going to return to the lake. This was the last time she would see its beauty.
“Its time to go” she said to herself. Penny turned her back. Memories of Adam filled Penny as she drove away.

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  • Abigail Proctor said...

    Hi everyone, hope you enjoy this burrst. feel free to leave any comments or feedback. Thanks :D

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Mary Beth W. said...

    Wow, this was beautiful but sad. Poor Penny! This was very well written, I could sympathize with Penny and feel her pain at the loss of Adam, and I loved how you wrote in why the dress and the watch were important. I just caught one thing; "This is were they had first met" should be "This is *where they first met." Good job, though, I loved the story! :)

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Abigail Proctor said...

    Hi, thanks for your great feedback. I really appreciate it. I've never written before so Burrst was a great way of getting started. Again thankyou for taking the time to read and comment on my writing :)

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • David Taylor said...

    I enjoyed reading this @Abigail Proctor! I thought the rich language you used to set the scene in the first paragraph was especially good and it gave me a good idea of the beauty of the lake in very few words. Well done! :)

    • Posted 7 years ago