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Rebecca Williams, 17 Nov '12

Dragged back under

They appeared again. The twins, so doll-like plastered with innocent smiles and over exaggerated rosy cheeks. My eyes widened and I froze; only the heavy movement of my chest was alive.
“Isabel, Oh Isabel” They both shrilled at the end of the hallway, their voices reaching me through an echo, sending the fine hairs on the nape of my neck upright with their taunting tune.
It shouldn’t seem scary yet through terrified eyes they were the devil, disguised in dainty frills of baby blue fabric fastened with satin pink ribbons as a mere attempt to hide what I already know.
They’re out to get me. My vision tremors under the pressure to hastily find an exit, even though I know there isn’t one. I’m trapped and it’s too late, as I round the corner they are there.
This is the part where if this was a scary movie, we would all be screaming “RUN!” at the screen, but now I know why they don’t, it’s because they have nowhere to run.
They approached slowly almost mockingly, knowing they had time to waste while I stayed dormant as a mouse. Their green eyes burned into my exposed soul, on show, waiting for them to rip it from me. Fear emitted from my body in waves. Every inch they strode towards me, I inched back into the walls. The distressing chartreuse-striped wallpaper concealed my vision as the hallway narrowed. As the panes of my back collided with the cold and solid wall beneath me, the desperation for escaping weakened; the realization dawned on me like a punch in the gut.
Their symmetry of each other was uncanny as they ambled together not once out of beat, conjoined by their linked arms.
Closer and closer they came, the floor pounding with each synchronized step. I stopped myself from blinking as I convinced myself that if I did even the slightest flicker they would pull out an axe and when I open my eyes it would be the last time I ever did so. This idea molded in my brain like an unwritten rule; a virus growing stronger by the second. My head whipped from left to right and back at them, again and again.
One by one the single glass bulbs wavering from the ceiling, exploded, letting the darkness creep down the hallway. The sparks igniting the passage momentarily before the shadows trounced any source of light. I watched with infuriating fascination, as if in a trance, I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the dimming lights that seemed to resemble my chance of survival.
Their charm bracelets chimed sardonically as they clinked like keys, the harder I tried to block the sound out, the louder it grew.
I hammered on the wall repeatedly with my fists as I pleaded for it to take me in, to consume me. Their porcelain skin illuminated the bleak corridor as if they were holding a torch underneath their faces.
Chimes pierced my ears as the metals on the charms clashed together. I forced my eyelids to clamp down, regretting it almost instantaneously, I feared to reopen them in account to what may be in front of me. A loud drone made the decision for me as my eyelids darted open. Confusion flooded through me like blood coursed my veins. They were gone.
The passage was now tinged with fluorescent green which exerted from the overhead sign that wasn’t there before. A four letter word that I had been pursuing since I found myself in this place. ‘EXIT’ it glowed. But then I heard it, the chime, immediately the life drained from me as my body felt rigid.

Within seconds I am falling and awoken with a sudden jerk. I am no longer in the corridor but in a box room. I feel intense panic as my surroundings are unrecognizable, adrenaline surges my brain. When I try to move I find I am refrained by cuffed chains, as I rattle them fiercely, familiarity strikes me. It’s the charms clinking together. Have they done this to me? My heart thuds while my mind tries to connect the answers to my questions making my head spin.
Around me surfaces are coated with hard, polished steel and everything is clean...too clean. One thought poked at the surface; I’m in a testing lab facility.
The dense steel door heaved open; my terror-stricken body lay motionless as I hold my breath involuntarily. A man in a lab coat strides in with a clipboard, I jolt up with failed attempts of freedom catching a glimpse of the door where two guards seem to be occupying.
“Now Isabel I see your ready for your next dose” he sneers while flicking the tip of needle. He stabs the toxic green venom into me, a flow of blood gushes to my head as I feel myself being dragged back under.