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Charlotte Williams, 17 Nov '12

Reach into my chest and take my heart
Slash through my exterior and steal my guts,
While here, you might as well rip away my spine
I can’t stop you, take all that is mine.

Now you see through my eyes, you use my lips,
Your voice burns my throat; I blister as it rips,
I scream, but why would anyone hear me when
I don’t deserve to breathe?

Bury your secrets in my skin,
Implant them in the empty caverns of my chest,
These are explosives inside me, as I implode
It’s only a matter of time before I explode.

Give me faith, give me another life,
Sell me out to your demons, all of your ghosts,
I won’t fight. I try to live but I never
get far. You bleed me dry.