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Deb Howell, 27 Jun '12

Another villa hall with as many wall-hangings might have been considered cosy, but Braph’s walls exhibited a hardness that reflected the man himself. Metal gadgets of manifold shape, size and purpose ornamented either side of the dim hallway. There were no windows - the only light ducked through those doors that stood ajar. Large and small polished copper and steel cogs hung from hooks on the walls, their purpose, if any over and above decorative, unknown. Copper pipes ran along the bottom of one wall. The tinkle of water flowing through metal underpinned every creaky floorboard and each errant breeze.

Noticing her interest, Braph said, “You haven’t had a hot bath until you’ve tried gas-heated water.” His wry smile had the same cheek Jonas had exhibited at times - the resemblance shot right to Llew’s core and she nearly forgot to fear the man, but a glance at their surroundings set her straight again.

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  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    Welcome to Burrst @Debbie Howell - I love the chilling turn at the end of this.

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Deb Howell said...

    Thanks for the welcome, @Anthony Blackshaw. I'm glad the chill came through. This is a snippet of a bigger WiP I've got going on. I like to write shorts, too, but the WiP is all engulfing currently, so I hope people don't mind if I share little bits and pieces. I will be looking for helpful feedback to make it close to perfect!

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Jessica Cambrook said...

    I really like how you use cold metal to reflect his personality, very clever. Makes for a very sinister short piece.

    • Posted 7 years ago