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Dani Keller, 31 Oct '12

She didn't really mean to do it; she never really meant to hurt anyone. She had always tried to be a good person; she always put the shopping cart back into the lane they were supposed to go into, she held the door open for people as they passed by, she always said hello to her neighbors. She always wanted to be the 'everywoman' of America, to be the supportive housewife, the mother who doted on her sweet children. She wanted the white picket fence and the golden retriever to fetch the morning paper.

What she got, however, was hell. Her children were inconsiderate, ungrateful hooligans who tried to run her own home. They had been constantly getting into screaming fights, doors were slammed and her daughter even tried to run away with an older man! Her son was a sullen boy who liked to take his lessons in life from a death metal group and she was pretty sure he was behind the disappearance of their once beloved cat Mittens. Her husband was sweet when she first was dating him, and through the first few years of marriage life was bliss. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine him cheating on her with his secretary. He didn't know that she knew.

She knew alright, if it was one thing she knew for sure it was that her life wasn't what she had wanted. All the self help books that she had been reading told her to seize the day and that if something wasn't right in her life that she should change it. So, to be fair, what had happened was their fault. It was never planned, she just snapped under the pressure of a life she didn't want.

As she filled the hole, covering the faces of her dead life, she could feel the weight slowly being lifted off. The shovel sank into the pile of dirt, it was like she was scooping up all the bad in her head and dumping it into the hole; covering the past along with the the bodies. Her golden retriever sat patiently in the truck a few feet away; he too was waiting for his new life.

Like she said, she never really meant to do it.

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  • green elephant said...

    A woman behind on the times. I kind of saw this as a ironic bit of writing. I hope I'm not misinterpreting. Nice piece. I liked it. =)

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Susie Shircliff said...

    I like how this reads as almost a confession/reasoning for "the crime." It makes me curious as to WHO is reasoning..who is confessing? Kudos!

    • Posted 7 years ago