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Charlotte Williams, 29 Oct '12

I would break my bones,
Slice through my veins to access my heart.
Dig through caverns and crevices to retrieve
what I know was a mirror of hers.
Resuscitate it from the icy depths,
Break the dam that has stood as stone,
Crack it from the bottom up,
And revive what is left.

I offer it to her,
as she departs in a box of flowers.
While I bury it with her, she carries it
higher, lays it to rest on the
storm clouds as she peers back at the ground.
My empty carcass decays, rots
as the years pile upon me,
and holds me, weighs me down.

Someone should shed tears
To let her know that she was loved.
But I am cold on the inside, suffocated
by the toxic, poisonous air
of the wake. The absence of your light
leaves us in darkness, and the darkness
plays tricks on my mind
(now I feel how it feels to die).