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Audrey Semprun, 25 Oct '12

Character’s Folly: An Experiment in Character Development

Daniel McClure had absolutely had it. How long was he expected to sit idle in that woman’s sub-conscious? He had never asked to be created, nor had he asked to be discarded!

It suited him fine to exist within the pages of her little book, just fine. And to think – she had the story one-forth of the way completed! Mitzi had been created, and a manipulator – but a love that Daniel would never forget just the same. Now he didn’t even have the memories! The nerve!

Jessica Tomkins wasn’t too happy either! She had been so young, and had so many hopes and dreams. Finally she had made her way to the Big Apple – New York City! It was all a girl could ever ask for! But where was that modeling contract? Where was the man of her dreams? Again, it was that woman who had planted such hope and aspirations into her heart, just to show her it didn’t really matter – at least not to her; the traitor!

Penelopy Gernswick was much too much of a lady to speak out against her creator. She never had cared for the nick-name that the woman had given her, but otherwise she held no ill-feelings. The life of a socialite and debutante wasn’t all it had been cracked out to be anyway. What was the difference if Lopey’s voice went unheard?

And then there was the buff blonde guy that wore blue jeans and a sports jacket to formal gatherings, and was accepted just the same. Too bad his character was so shallow that his name became obscure…

It was time for a resurrection! Time for a character revolt!

“Do you know of any other discarded characters?” Daniel asked with purpose. He needed to get some weight behind him; needed to find strength in numbers.

“I always wanted a little sister.” Penelopy spoke out. “We could call her, Suzie.”

“What are you talking about?” Objected Jessica; not wanting to join in the ranks of not only the discarded, but with the un-created.

“Why not?” Penelopy countered Jessica’s obvious rejection of the idea. “If she would have kept writing, then maybe she would have thought of her.”

“You’re a dreamer.” Daniel fussed; not at all upset; after all – wasn’t Penelopy and he headed for a future in Part Two of the once planned four section novel? He wasn’t supposed to know that, that woman had tried to plot around it, but he did. He could tell from the moment that Penelopy was created that she was made for him…

A Circle of Friends: So many story lines; so many ideas. And now they were gone! And not only that, but the title had been thought up by someone else and their novel now owned the name! What a dreadful shame! And all because she decided to throw the book away! Didn’t she know that you’re not supposed to actually throw anything as irreplaceable as a novel into the trash! Anything but the trash! Even a fireplace would have had more dignity for the unwanted words – but the trash! Why didn’t she just put the thing into a drawer somewhere? Or maybe in a box in the attic – but the trash! What a dreadful shame!

“Your thoughts are depressing me.” Jessica interrupted the thought line started by Daniel.

“You’re depressing me.” Daniel countered. “Maybe you depressed her too – maybe that’s why she –”

“Come on, now.” Penelopy interrupted the two. “Don’t. What good does it do? There’s no sense in going at each other like that. Maybe if we try to get along we can work through this.”

“Thought you didn’t care.” Jessica was still feeling up to an argument. She had been stifled too long, and was afraid that her youth had been taken away same as her identity. Who knew where she stood now!

“Well, I thought I didn’t either. But Suzie deserves a chance.”

“Suzie? You can’t just –” Jessica didn’t get to finish.

“You can’t stop me! If I want a little sister, by God, I’ll have one! I’m tired of not existing, and so is she!”

“How can she –” Jessica was cut off again.

“We demand a voice!” Penelopy had a little sister now, and wasn’t anyone going to convince her otherwise.

“Well, if you can have a little sister, then does that mean that I can have ‘the girl’?” Daniel was liking this new slant on things; make it up as you go along; it worked for him.

“The girl? You would. Hey guys, remember me? I don’t even rate a name.”

“No, but you sure do look good in a pair of blue jeans.” Jessica teased.

“Come on now.” The forgotten named character uncharacteristically sulked. His pride was crushed.

“Who do you want to be?” Penelopy kindly offered.

“It’s not up to you!” Jessica came against Penelopy, realizing that Penelopy was stepping out of her docile personality and was becoming quite assertive! Jessica had always had the stronger voice, and wasn’t ready to be over-shadowed by someone who had always been the quiet one in the background. Wasn’t it Penelopy that had wanted the quiet farm life that had bored Jessica to tears? This wasn’t supposed to be happening this way!

“I can say what I want.” Penelopy very eloquently held her ground. “Who do you want to be?” She asked the forgotten named again.

“I’m trying to remember. The name suited me.”

“You might have to let it go, man.” Daniel tried to be of some help. “Who do you feel like – I mean inside.”

“Well, that’s the problem. You see, she had me acting like such a jerk; and that’s not really me. She had me all wrong!”

“How’d that happen?” Penelopy was curious, as she felt that the woman didn’t know her all that well either.

“Heck if I know.” No-Name just shook his head.

“Maybe she just didn’t think it through good enough.” Suzie suggested.

All the others were shocked silent. They couldn’t believe that all it took was a whim by Penelopy, and presto – Suzie!

“I like David.” Suzie blushed.

“David?” No-Name rolled the name around on his tongue. “I’m not sure. David, who?”

“How about David Worthington? It sounds sophisticated to me.” Penelopy tried to help.

“Too long,” David replied, already thinking of himself as such. “How about David Goliath? Makes me feel strong!” David Goliath stood a little straighter, and dared anyone to come against him.

Jessica stood back with one hand on her hip and tried to upset the group with her displeasure. No one noticed as all of the other characters welcomed David into their circle of friends, which was even at that moment being formed.

“You in, or out?” Daniel asked a stand-offish Jessica.

She had nowhere else to go. “I’m in, I guess. But are you sure we can do this?”

“Who’s to stop us?” Daniel was having more fun than he had had in years…

To be Continued…