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Anthony Blackshaw, 27 Jun '12

CRUNCH. A fist glances off my cheek before connecting squarely with my nose. I collapse where I stand into a heap on the floor.

There's no denying I asked for this, after all I threw the first punch. But it seems so unfair, a life spent watching coming of age movies has badly mislead me. In the madness leading up to this point I was almost certain of a less painful and more heroic ending. Clearly I was very wrong.

My eyes stream with tears making my vision blurry and my cheek is hot where the fist glanced it, but what really concerns me is the searing pain in my nose that's driving up into my skull. I can taste blood too, I'm not sure if it's actually blood or if I'm just remembering the taste.

Right now my only viable tactic would be to ball up on my side and play dead, or weep like a baby and pray he takes pity on me. The problem is I started this to impress someone and my ego is hanging in there way beyond my pain threshold.

Despite my impaired vision I'm keenly aware of my adversary's feet as he stands over me.

"Would it be entirely unsportsmanlike like to bite someone at this point?" I ask myself.

Yes it would, only if your logic's so twisted in the first place that your prepared to punch someone to impress a girl, there's always a chance you will anyway - and I do.

I grip his calf with both hands before biting down on his shin as hard as I can. He screams. I taste blood again but this time the taste repulses me. Suddenly this is very real, I release his leg and spit the contents of my mouth on to the floor. I'm back in the cinema lobby where a crowd is gathered and looks on in disbelief – making sure to keep a safe distance.

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  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    I seem to be fixated on bursts where someone gets bitten at the moment - that's probably not a good thing.

    A quick note, for anyone who's interested there will be a 'Site status' page in place for the weekend. This page will provide brief one line posts about events, new features/fixes, bugs and the general server status - which is useful as it means I wont have to leave them in my comments!

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Deb Howell said...

    I think right at about: "There's no denying I asked for this, after all I threw the first punch. But it seems so unfair, a life spent watching coming of age movies has badly mislead me." you had me - that's a nice line.
    What's the policy around here for pointing out any spelling/grammar errors? I know that's the point of some writing sites, but just checking before I dive in there - you might pick them up with another read-through, anyway (o;
    I like the sense of humour you slip into such a violent scene - of course, humour is often involved in violence, in its special way.

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    @Debbie Howell thanks.

    On grammar and spelling I think it will vary from person to person, I'm happy to have someone point out issues with grammar or spelling in my bursts (my aim of course is not to have any in work I submit but clearly that's not always going to be the case).

    You raise an interesting point though. Perhaps the guidelines should state that if people want feedback they should put something in their opening comment to say 'Looking for feedback' (or something along those lines). What's do you think?

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Deb Howell said...

    Hey, that's a good idea.

    • Posted 8 years ago