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Rachel Anderson, 16 Oct '12

What good is a heart if one does not
Utilize its chambers
And vaults
And valves
And hallways,
To hold stories,
To hide secrets,
To invite friends in
When they have nowhere else to go ...?

What good is the human brain
If one does not
Exercise its muscle
By solving problems,
By fixing hearts that have become to full
With secrets,
Or have been empty for too long?

What good is the human body
If one does not
Stretch its arms around another,
Help another up when they have fallen,
Sit with those who cannot yet stand?

What good am I
If I don't
Take your pain away
When it becomes too much for you to handle?
If I don't
Help you to see the reflection
That shows the real you?

What good are we,
Any of us,
And what good is a brain
And a heart
If nothing is meant to be shared?

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  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    Excellent closing verse :)

    (There's a 'to' that should be a 'too' in the second verse)

    • Posted 8 years ago