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Charlotte Williams, 11 Oct '12

I fashion a cocoon of steel to shield
my weary, fragile bones.
I operate with silent certainty
that perpetrates my soul.
I tread with careful purpose, and though always still
I never sleep.
I grow steadily and surely and soon
no one even knows me.

They need not know of my transformation
where I’ve sprouted vibrant wings.
Where I climb above rooftops and towers,
even the clouds and I sing.
I hover here, content in my isolation
as I watch my world collapse,
A smokescreen separates me from you all,
I see past your useless maps.

I find my own way across barren plains,
and all the busy, endless roads.
While everyone waits at the crossroads,
they wait for the others to go.
But they would just discard you like petals from a
flower, I keep myself enclosed,
They all think that I’m who I’ve always been
and none of them need know.

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  • Jean Woest said...

    Well done. Great imagery and rhythm to the piece.

    • Posted 10 years ago