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Charlotte Williams, 08 Oct '12

Let the sun be eclipsed from these eyes,
Bridge the gap between what is wrong and
what is right,
And if a ray should stray and reach for me,
It will be bittersweet, as I will learn how
it feels to exist in the light,
if only momentarily.

Let me break and bend and long to meet
impossible ends, in worlds that
come and leave,
Erring on yet another horizon
to be snatched from my grip because it takes one
step to fall, just one step to slip,
lose the foundation you built on.

Let me swerve amongst dreams and the truth,
Settle in clay as memories
flicker and stick,
Black and white caricatures warp my view,
Dictating to me what I’m meant to have been,
Screaming what I dream to utter,
But the words get caught inside me.

Let me keep this shape forevermore,
Never waver but jigsaw pieces
are easily lost,
Worlds succumb readily from love to hate,
And implore I examine the mirror,
But I don’t see why you're afraid,
Under this skin, we’re all the same.

But please allow me to deviate
From the path and pace I’m compelled
by others to take,
I will fashion a new path, I will slice
through the nettles and weeds that surpass my head,
Tread heavily over sinking
grounds, fresh, unafraid and profound.

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